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Space – the final frontier

Space – uncharted regions, alien races and settings, new technologies and gimmicks. What ultimately was the appeal of shows like Star Trek? The very real human stories of coming together, learning tolerance, overcoming obstacles, and drawing on the best of our human characteristics. That was in the 60s and things have changed. So what about today? What better space than cyberspace, a seemingly unlimited frontier of imagination and technology, for our final frontier?
cyberspace_theme_by_NantiaReading some of your blog posts got me to thinking about how we act/react as citizens of cyberspace. Much contemporary social critique addresses how technology separates us, desensitizes us, and obsesses us. How much time do we spend as our real selves? How do we represent ourselves to others? When do we come together face-to-face and touch? Where is the payoff?
For me, it comes down to management options. It is a world, like any other, where videogames or social media can become obsessions, just as anything from hockey to antique buttons can become obsessions in our real world. As creators and navigators of cyberspace, we can make it what we want, and at the risk of sounding too trekky, I think those human values of connection, authentic representation, and integrity are important to hold on to, especially in the nebulous anonymity of cyberspace.

Wonderful art by Nantia from DeviantArt. “Cyberspace Theme” http://nantia.deviantart.com/art/cyberspace-theme-73069201