Final post

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. You each had unique perspectives to the topics, even the textbook chapters. At some point I’ll be removing the links to your blogs unless you want to continue posting on topics that interest you and you’d still like me to follow you. This is your blog address, so you can do with it as you like.*

Today you have one final blog post to make. Before you leave, please add a final blog post that addresses the concept of “analytical writing.”

Some ideas:

  • How does analytical writing differ from research writing, report/essay writing, or creative writing?
  • What is your approach to writing an analytical piece?
  • Which assignment(s) did you enjoy the most – the movie review, the story, the poetry analysis, reading and discussing Kindred, the theme based essay, the museum visit/art analysis, or the blog posts – and why?
  • Can analytical writing be useful to you in the writings you may do for your career field?

You don’t have to write on all of these or just answer the questions; discuss one or more of the areas or something else related to what we’ve been doing this quarter.

I’ve enjoyed the class. Have a good break, and I’ll see you in the halls…


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