Analytical Writing


This is the blog for your COM102 Analytical Writing class. We’ll use this blog site to coordinate and link your individual blogs.

Why blog?

Blogs are easily accessible and allow for postings, comments, and links. You can read your classmates’ blogs and leave comments, I can read and comment, and you can hide comments if you want. Blogs are a current and common form of communication.

Why not just use eCompanion?

We will use eCompanion. Your grades will be posted in the gradebook, links and handouts will be accessible in the doc sharing and webliography, and the weekly sidebar will show the assignments. But… eCompanion is very discreet. You can view public materials and your own status items, but items posted in the dropbox are not viewable by fellow students, and commenting to classmates is awkward.

We’ll be using this blog, and your own linked blogs, as well as eCompanion.

We’ll put this together Week 1. Hopefully, this will be a revelant and useful format. I look forward to exploring it with you.

Cartoon by Bill Watterston from CalvinHobbsdaily on


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